[11.26.10] Supreme Team’s Simon Dominic, “Will Be Marrying Lady Jane” Confession

[Morning News Reporter, Choi Chang-Nam choidhm@empal.com]

Hip-hop duo Supreme Team’s Simon Dominic confessed that he will be marrying his girlfriend Lady Jane.

Simon Dominic appeared on the recent broadcasting of KBS 2TV ‘100 Percent’ (MC Park Kyung-Lim, Tony Ahn).

One segment of the show called “Have you done it?” comprised of a “gossipy” verbal contest between Simon Dominic and FT Island’s Lee Hong-Ki. During this segment, Lee Hong-Ki asked, “Will you be marrying your girlfriend Lady Jane?”

Simon Dominic replied that he “will be marrying his girlfriend Lady Jane” and was received with positive cheer and support from the MCs, guests and even the staff members.

In addition to guest appearances by Simon Dominic and Lee Hong-Ki, actor Song Joong-Ki and many idol group members including SHINee’s Minho, Super Junior’s Eun-Hyuk, 2010 Miss Korea’s Jung So-Ra, miss A’s Min, Rainbow’s Chae-Kyung have appeared on the show.

The show ‘100 Percent’ will be broadcasted on the 27th at 5PM (KST).

Source: http://www.morningnews.co.kr/read.php3?no=30053&read_temp=20101126&section=26
Translation: amn2sia@doyouknowhiphop.com


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