[01.01.11] The Quiett and DOK2, Creates Record Label

The Quiett has shaken hands with DOK2. Without needing much explanation, the two hip-hop artists have collaborated to create their new record label, “ILLIONAIRE RECORDS“. ILLIONAIRE RECORDS have announced their new single, “WE HERE” to mark the establishment of the record label company. In addition, DOK2’s first full album as well as The Quiett’s fifth full album will be announced through ILLIONAIRE RECORDS.

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[12.29.10] The Tigress Is Not Pleased

SBS cut Tiger JK and Supreme Team‘s performance during the SBS 2010 Gayo Daejun and Tasha, one of Korea’s top female rappers and Tiger JK’s wife, tweeted her displeasure.

Unbelievable..!!  It wasn’t even an encore performance..!!!  What the heck?!?!? Why did they cut it short…?!?!

SBS’s 2010 Gayo Daejun was aired on the 29th from the KINTEX in Gyeonggi-do.  SBS is claiming that the segment went over its time allotted which forced them to cut it.  Come on, I know it was a live broadcast and that makes things harder to adjust to, but they were just getting started.  Like Tasha said, it’s not like it was an encore, it was part of their planned performance, they should have adjusted.  You may have already seen it, but a few of us writers got up early and watched the show it was very obvious that they just cut TigerJK and Supreme Team off during their special stage.  There were a few other performances that were cut off, which is also bad, but the rest of those were more just the end of the performances.  I will say though, that although the transitions were abrupt, I did appreciate that the SBS PDs didn’t mess around and just kept pumping out the performances. But, and this is a big one, efficiency should never take precedence over letting an awesome performance air.

In response to a tweet of Tiger JK’s where he mentions the disrespect, Simon D of the Supreme Team said this.

Jung-kwon brother, you did a fantastic job it’s unfortunate that it was cut at the end, but it was still good,  rest brother.

Khip-hop definitely doesn’t get much respect.  I tried looking for a clip of the performance to share with you all, but I couldn’t find one.  Even in places where they had all of the other performances, that’s pretty sad (If I find one I’ll add it to this for y’all).  Tiger JK and Supreme Team are awesome and definitely deserve more respect than this.

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Source: SeoulBeats

[VIDEO] Tiger JK, Supreme Team, Jung-In – True Romance, Ring Ring Ring, Good Life

Special thanks to Brenda and R.O.K. Hip Hop for helping me out with finding these Gaeyo Daejun performances! I uploaded the video on Vimeo mainly because it’s less likely to be taken down than YouTube.

I’m pretty bummed that Gayo Daejun cut out the last half of ‘Good Life’. Please holler at me if you have the full version!

2010 SBS Gayo Daejun (가요대전) performances:

Drunken Tiger – True Romance (feat. Jung-In)

Supreme Team – Ring Ring Ring

Drunken Tiger – Good Life (feat. Bizzy, Supreme Team)

[12.30.10] Untouchable, ‘Only One’ MV Released

Demonstrating the diverse music of hip-hop through each of their album, Untouchable has released their third mini-album online today (offline release: January 3, 2011). In contrast to their hard-beat and powerful second full album [Who’s HOT], the third mini-album is a 180 degree change from their previous album and appeals emotion. The title-track ‘Only You‘ is a love song composed by Na Lee Hyun and features sweet and mellow vocals by singer Mellow.

UNTOUCHABLE 3rd Mini Album – Track List

01. Only You (feat. Mellow)
02. Because Didn’t Do Anything Nice (feat. Gyu-lin)
03. Sorry (D. Action Solo)
04. The Way I Feel (feat. Kim Hyuna)

Source: HipHopPlaya
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[12.30.10] Loptimist, Beat Mixtape [Amazing Gift Vol. 1] Sale

Soul Company member and hip-hop producer Loptimist plans to release his beat mixtape [Amazing Gift Vol. 1] through HipHopPlaya.com. The mix tape [Amazing Gift Vol. 1] was first available at last week’s Soul Company Show “Still A-Team” and was received with positive response from the audience (note: only 200 copies were sold during this show). The beat mixtape will be available online (via HipHopPlaya) for hip-hop fans who were not able to attend the concert last week.

Loptimist’s [Amazing Gift Vol. 1] features instrumentals of his popular tracks ‘Black Cancer‘ and ‘Dear Unknown’s‘ from his first album [22 Channels], a track called ‘Move’ featuring Mad Clown, a collaborative track called ‘Apgujeong Man‘* which includes scratching by DJ Dopsh, and a hip-hop rendition of the classic popular song ‘Moon River‘. The three above tracks will be available online on January 5, 2011 through music portal websites. The three tracks can be seen as Loptimist’s gift to his fans for supporting him throughout the years in releasing his third album. Loptimist is currently expecting to release his third album in early 2011. His third album is now available for pre-order, and the three tracks from [Amazing Gift Vol. 1] will be available on January 5, 2011 through various music portal websites.

Loptimist – [Amazing Gift Vol. 1] Track List

01. Chop & Paste
02. Black Cancer
03. Your Dream
04. Nanta
05. Yoonhee33
06. Road
07. Move (feat. Mad Clown)
08. Love Me
09. Yippeunchuk (“trying to look pretty”)
10. Dear. Unknown
11. Heat Breaker
12. Your Guitar
13. 1985
14. Flip
15. Apgujeong Man (Feat. DJ Dopsh)*
16. Moon River

Online Single Track List

01. Moon River
02. Move (feat. Mad Clown)
03. Apgujeong Man (Feat. DJ Dopsh)*
*Apgujeong refers to a “residential, fashion and shopping district in the Gangnam district of Seoul” (source: Wikipedia).

Source: HipHopPlaya

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[12.13.10] MIC SWAGGER SHOW, Musician Interview Video

Various hip-hop musicians performing live at the MIC SWAGGER SHOW (Leessang, Minos, J’kyun, Basick, Vasco, and Sool J) have come together to shoot a promotional video for the show. Tickets as well as more information about the show are available on Freestyle Town (http://club.cyworld.com/SOOLJ). Freestyle Town wrote on their website, “The upcoming MIC SWAGGER SHOW is not a show for freestyle, but a show that will feature performances by many hip-hop musicians. I hope that you will feel the skills and passion of current and future Korean hip-hop music through the upcoming show.”

Freestyle Town: http://club.cyworld.com/SOOLJ

Ticket Sale: http://ticket.interpark.com/Ticket/Goods/GoodsInfo.asp?GoodsCode=10009123



Calling out to all Drunken Tiger fans!

If you’re a fan of Tiger JK of Drunken Tiger, you need to check this out:

On Monday 13th December 2010, @Rachira said:

Hello, Drunken Tiger fans! We have very good news to give to you ~

A Korean television station, tvN, will soon release a new documentary about the career and life of Tiger JK. The Jungle Entertaiment label got in touch with our team requesting the participation of the Brazilian and all fans around the world in the documentary by sending videos.

How to participate:

1. Jungle Ent. need us to send videos with 5 (five) seconds, showing admiration and affection for Tiger JK. You can talk about all your love for him, his music or even a lil’ video of you holding a sign saying “Tiger JK ♥” or any message written in English or Korean. Don’t forget to respect the limit of 5 seconds.

2. Jungle asked us to record the videos in open environments, but this is not a mandatory requirement. You can also record video with friends.

3. Videos should be sent to our email (feelghoodmusik@gmail.com) with the subject “Video JaguaFan” until midnight on Friday, December 17th, and we’ll send the videos to Jungle Enterteinment.

4. Specify your country!

Submit your video showing that you’re a real fan of our beloved Tiger!

Any questions?
Contact us by email feelghoodmusik@gmail.com or tweet us something at http://twitter.com/DrunkenTigerBR or my personal Twitter http://twitter.com/Rachira

One!! ;D

Official post: http://www.drunkentigerbrasil.com/2010/12/news-quer-participar-de-um-documentario.html

As mentioned above, this is an international fan event, so make sure you specify your country when you record your video! We need to show Korea just how much international fans the OG has!

For any additional questions, feel free to ask here or contact Rachira feelghoodmusik@gmail.com!

p.s. The DEADLINE for submitting your video is December 17! Make sure you submit your video before the deadline!