[11.30.10] New Block Babyz Crew MV Released


New Block Babyz Crew announced their first single ‘New Block‘ along with the MV for the track.

‘New Block’ MV was directed by Choi Kang-hoon and was announced through various music portal websites.

New Block Babyz is composed of 8 members: VEN (leader of hip-hop group Answer, R&B vocals and songwriter), New Champ (currently in spotlight as the new rookie in the Korean hip-hop scene), Jinsuk (a.k.a. ZS, vocals), WuTan (currently hosting as MC in various Hongdae clubs), Kimm (female rapper, featured in NORAZO’s single ‘Calling You’), Gimm (vocals and songwriter), Choi Kang-hoon (a.k.a. Ganji-Kang, MV director).

Watch the MV ‘New Block’ here:

Source: rhythmer.net
Translation: amn2sia@doyouknowhiphop.com


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