[12.04.10] YDG’s Confession, “Had Suicidal Thoughts While Making ‘Shoulder'”

[Newsen Reporter: Lee Uhn-Hyuk] 

Musician and Actor YDG tells the story behind his new song titled “Shoulder.”

On December 3, YDG appeared on KBS 2TV “YHY’s Sketchbook” and performed “Shoulder,” “Bandolier,” and “Alley.”

YDG explained that “Shoulder” is a campaign song he made while serving in the army and is about suicide prevention education. He added that he was dispatched among his friends who served in the military during that time.

He continued, “before writing this song, I received education on suicide prevention.” He added, “I had to have such suicidal feelings before writing the song. Almost close enough to having the urge and feelings to commit suicide” and surprised everyone in the crowd.

YDG concluded, “almost everyone who served the military together with me will probably know this song.”

Meanwhile, YDG described that the song “Bandolier” refers to the military belt and is a song which “aimed at military soldiers who downloaded [songs illegally],” which caused much laughter from the crowd.

Source: Newsen
Translation: amn2sia@doyouknowhiphop.com


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