[12.06.10] MYK’s Debut Album, December 15, 2010








[HIPHOPPLAYA reporter: Kim Daehyung]

MYK, first featured in Epik High‘s 3rd album (2005) and nearly all of their subsequent albums, and also featured in several albums by hip-hop artists including Dynamic Duo, DOK2 and Kero One, has finally announced his first solo album ‘Lost in Translations’ EP.

Although his album was completed last November when chosen as HIPHOPPLAYA’s rookie of the month, the album’s release date was pushed back to December. Regarding this, the company ‘made music’ stated, “Although the tracks in this album were planned to be in all English, MYK added Korean songs for his Korean fans. He also dedicated more time into mastering the album, which postponed the release date to December. MYK would like to apologize to his fans who are looking forward to his EP album.”

MYK’s debut album ‘Lost in Translations’ EP is sure to prove MYK’s talent as a total hip-hop artist. The album will be available on December 15 through both online and offline music stores, and details of the album such as the track list will be announced shortly in the future.

Photo Credit: mademusic
Translation: amn2sia@doyouknowhiphop.com


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