Calling out to all Drunken Tiger fans!

If you’re a fan of Tiger JK of Drunken Tiger, you need to check this out:

On Monday 13th December 2010, @Rachira said:

Hello, Drunken Tiger fans! We have very good news to give to you ~

A Korean television station, tvN, will soon release a new documentary about the career and life of Tiger JK. The Jungle Entertaiment label got in touch with our team requesting the participation of the Brazilian and all fans around the world in the documentary by sending videos.

How to participate:

1. Jungle Ent. need us to send videos with 5 (five) seconds, showing admiration and affection for Tiger JK. You can talk about all your love for him, his music or even a lil’ video of you holding a sign saying “Tiger JK ♥” or any message written in English or Korean. Don’t forget to respect the limit of 5 seconds.

2. Jungle asked us to record the videos in open environments, but this is not a mandatory requirement. You can also record video with friends.

3. Videos should be sent to our email ( with the subject “Video JaguaFan” until midnight on Friday, December 17th, and we’ll send the videos to Jungle Enterteinment.

4. Specify your country!

Submit your video showing that you’re a real fan of our beloved Tiger!

Any questions?
Contact us by email or tweet us something at or my personal Twitter

One!! ;D

Official post:

As mentioned above, this is an international fan event, so make sure you specify your country when you record your video! We need to show Korea just how much international fans the OG has!

For any additional questions, feel free to ask here or contact Rachira!

p.s. The DEADLINE for submitting your video is December 17! Make sure you submit your video before the deadline!


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