[UStream] Dumbfoundead and DJ Zo Talks About Korean Trip

Dumbfoundead and DJ Zo went on UStream tonight for a quick video chat with their fans. They spoke about the new album “Cut + Paste” which is available for FREE at dumbfoundead.com. In addition to asking the fans about their favorite song from the new album, Dumbfoundead also asked for suggestions on which song from the new album should be made into a music video. They are expecting to shoot a music video for the song “Overseas” during their stay in Korea and plan to meet up with various Korean hip-hop artists to possibly do a few shows.

During the question and answer period, fans were given the opportunity to ask any questions to Dumbfoundead and/or DJ Zo. Questions ranged from “What is Knocksteady exactly like? What do you guys do when you guys are at the office?” to “Do you see yourself battling in the future?” and “Whats the best advice for an aspiring artist?”

For the latter question, Dumbfoundead replied, “The best advice for an aspiring artist is… keep making art. Just keep making art as much as you can… And by art, I mean musical, beats, whatever creative medium you do… Don’t worry about the industry. Don’t worry about trying to ‘make it.’ Concentrate on making your art and making THAT the best, because all that stuff like money will come later on. You will get attention when you perfect your crafts. Concentrate on your art. People nowadays are just thinking about trying to just find ways to get signed. It doesn’t work like that. Nobody is signing people like that. Major labels sign people who work hard and put out a lot of stuff, y’know?”

Dumbfoundead also gave a shout-out to all his Korean fans by speaking a little bit of Korean on UStream. Even DJ Zo surprised many fans by greeting their fans in Korean. Many fans commented that Dumbfoundead sounds drunk when he speaks Korean. Dumbfoundead joked, “Yeah, I do sound drunk when I speak in Korean… I think that was maybe [Tiger] JK’s thing too, that’s his style!

Closing up the UStream, he informed that him and DJ Zo will be leaving for Korea tomorrow and will be staying there until the 28th. He also announced that he will collaborate with Jay Park and Dave Choi for a “big show” which will be held on the 21st. Any additional updates will be available via Twitter.

After promoting the new Knocksteady shirts, Dumbfoundead wrapped up the UStream session with a freestyle for the fans. Watch the freestyle below:

A big shoutout to Dumbfoundead and DJ Zo for hosting this UStream show! Hope you guys enjoy Korea! Make sure you download the new mixtape!


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