[01.25.11] DOK2 and Double K – “Flow 2 Flow” Released

The album has finally arrived!

Southern style hip-hop artist DOK2 and Super Rappin’ Double K started off the year 2011 with a bang by announcing their project album ‘Flow 2 Flow‘.  Previously, DOK2 and Double K impressed hip-hop fans through their dynamic skills in tracks such as ‘훔쳐 (Steal)’, and ‘ADVICE’ and received extremely positive response when they first announced this project last year.

The project album ‘Flow 2 Flow‘ is not only a long-term project between the hip-hop duo, but is an “ILL PROJECT” demonstrating ten years of hip-hop experience, friendship and respect. The album features latin-beat and title track ‘21st Century Traveler’, emotional track ‘Lost‘, battle-rap style track ‘I Won’t Lose‘, ‘Advice 2‘, and southern hip-hop style tracks ‘Break Beatz‘ and ‘Die Legend 3‘.

This project album features various artists in the Korean hip-hop scene: Garion, Tiger JK of Drunken Tiger, Sean2Slow, Jay Park, Bizzy, Park Seonju, Paloalto, B-Free, Swings, Beenzino, Yankie of TBNY, Bumkey, and Rado.

Be sure to support these artists by purchasing the music.  Currently, Flow2Flow is available only on HIPHOPPLAYA and YesAsia.  Please let me know if this album is available elsewhere.  Hopefully this project album will be available on iTunes worldwide.  In the meantime, you can preview all the tracks via YouTube by searching the track titles listed below:

‘Flow 2 Flow’ Track List:

  1. It’s Time (Intro) (Produced by Gonzo)
  2. Takeover (Produced by Gonzo)
  3. 21st Century Stranger (Produced by Gonzo)
  4. Hip-Hop (Lalala) (Produced by Gonzo)
  5. I Won’t Lose (featuring B-Free) (Produced by Gonzo)
  6. Advice 2 (featuring Sean2Slow) (Produced by Gonzo)
  7. Lost (featuring Park Seon Joo) (Produced by Gonzo)
  8. I’mma Die Legend (Interlude) (Produced by Gonzo)
  9. Die Legend 3 (featuring Tiger JK) (Produced by Gonzo)
  10. Break Beatz (featuring Rado) (Produced by Gonzo)
  11. Salute (featuring Bumkey) (Produced by Gonzo)
  12. Hip-Hop (Anthem Ver.) (featuring Beenzino, B-Free, Bizzy, Jay Park, Paloalto, Swings, The Quiett & Yankie

Translation: amn2sia@DoYouKnowHipHop.com


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