[NEWS] Music Label ‘Soul Company’ Official Disbandment

This is indeed a sad news for Korean hip-hop fans.

Soul Companya Korean hip-hop label that produced, advocated, and supported Korean underground hip-hop artists in since 2004has recently released an official statement regarding the company’s disbandment.  Soul Company will be holding a final concert at AX-KOREA on November 27 (2011) before the disbandment.

Soul Company will be releasing a number of albums:  Mad Clown‘s solo album, Soul Company mix-tape, and Soul Company <Best Of> compilation album will be available by the end of November.

Below is an official video posted by Soul Company‘s Keebee and Jerry.k announcing the disbandment of Soul Company:

[Source: HipHopPlaya]

Soul Company‘s artists include: Eluphant (Kebee & Minos), Fana, RHYME-A-, Loquence (Makesense & Jerry.k), D.C, Crucial Star, Pento, Mad Clown, DJ Wegun, DJ Dopsh, Vida Loca, Elapse, G-Slow and Prima Vista.

Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko is now a Father

Looks like there is a new addition to the Movement family!  2 hours ago, Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko tweeted:

Gaeko: [My baby boy] 리듬 (Rhythm) weighs a healthy 3.2kg and opened his eyes for the first time out of the womb.  Thanks everyone for all your support and congratulations!! After this event, I feel that woman are brave and powerful.  I will raise him well!  Hehe

Many congratulations to Gaeko and his family!

[FREE MP3] Dok2 – Always Awake (Remix) (Feat. The Quiett)

As the night comes, as the night goes, I’m always awake.”

Recently, 1LLIONAIRE‘s Co-CEO Dok2 released a free track to promote his upcoming mixtape (mixtape title and track list to be announced):

Dok2’s free track is titled Always Awake (Remix) and features 1LLIONAIRE Co-CEO The Quiett. The  original track was composed and produced by Jazzyfact (Beenzino and Shimmy Twice). Listen to the original track below and purchase the track via iTunes.

Dok2’s Always Awake (Remix) (Feat. The Quiett) Lyrics:

여의도가 잠이든 시간에
내 작은 집안에 울리는 kick 과 snare
white tank top basket ball shorts
내 shure마이크 앞에서 rappin’ so pro
내일도 오늘도 난 내 앨범을 만들지
my future so bright on top 샹들리에
난 졸리지않아 no angelina
always awake 난 절대 안 잠들지
눈을 빨개 또 내 허리는 굽어도
낮이면 가끔 내 머리는 죽어도
i don’t care at all
내 청춘은 24 platinum gold
니가 눈을 감고 꿈 꿀때 reality check
난 내 꿈을 사고 팔고 거랠하지 ebay
hell yeah i gotta live my life hard and die legend

이 밤이 와도 이 밤이 가도 I’m always awake
태양이 밤하늘의 달빛을 가려도 Always Awake (X2)

(The Quiett)
오늘도 광명의 밤 하늘에 뜬 달
그 아래 마치 가로등 처럼 깨있는 나
밤이 깊 어도 still makin’ beats, makin’ bars
언제나 오늘을 살아 그리고 내일을 봐.
멍하니 누워있기엔 시간은 빨라.
가만히 앉아있기엔 젊음은 짧아.
내가 아닌 누가 이 삶을 대신 살까?
다시 한번 나를 재촉해 페달을 밟아.
air jordan 끈을 조인 담에
원하는 걸 얻으러 갈래
I, I go for mine yea
i’m livin’ a good life. kanye
나의 EGO를 꺽는 걸 기대하지마 나에게서
그렇다면 넌 모르는거지 나에 대해서
if I can’t live my own life, i’d rather.. die young.

[FREE MP3 – Dok2’s “Always Awake” (Remix) – DOWNLOAD]

[Source: ROKHipHop]

Mic Swagger – Episode 15 – Dumbfoundead

Mic Swagger is an online freestyle show hosted by Korean hip-hop artist Sool J and features a number of underground and rising Korean hip-hop artists in the freestyle booth.  In this episode, Sool J introduces the audience to Dumbfoundead, a YouTube star, former freestyle battler and (IMO) a dope spitter and hip-hop artist.  Dumbfoundead has collaborated with many Korean artists in the past including Epik High, Tiger JK, MYKDok2, and Yankee.  

Be sure to check out all the other talented artists featured on Mic Swagger!

[UPDATED] Epik High’s Tablo, Returns to Music Scene with YG Entertainment

Wait, what?  Could this be true?  Tablo of Epik High, one of my favorite Korean hip-hop artists, returns to the music scenethrough an exclusive 4-year contract with YG Entertainment?
According to Soompi:

Epik High’s rapper extraordinaire Tablo has grasped hands with YG’s Yang Hyun Suk.

YG Entertainment has announced on September 27, “Tablo has signed an exclusive 4-year contract with YG Entertainment and will be dropping his first official solo album on November 1.”

Through this event, Tablo will break out from his 2-year hiatus that occurred when an academic controversy  sparked around him. This contract has been known to be a solo contract that doesn’t involve Epik High.

According to YG, the person who had the biggest hand in Tablo’s decision was none other than YG’s actress and Tablo’s wife, Kang Hye Jung. Having stuck with her husband through thick and thin, Kang Hye Jung was the one to introduce Tablo to CEO Yang Hyun Suk.

Tablo has confessed his feelings for the comeback with, “It’s true that I’m still very afraid of standing in front of the public after deserting the stage for almost 2 years. It was hard during that time period, but I don’t have any feelings of resentment directed at anyone whatsoever. This is because I think that everything that has occurred was my fault.”

He then added, “There were a lot of fans who have supported me from unknown places during that time, but instead of saying thank you a thousand times, I want to return the favor by trying a lot harder and producing good music.”

Now don’t get me wrong;  I’m ecstatic to hear that Tablo is returning to the music scene after the Standford controversy bullshit that started two years ago.  But returning in the arms of YG Entertainment?  That’s definitely a shocker.  According to various sources, Tablo will be dropping his first solo album on November 1, 2011.  Since Tablo is now exclusively with YG Entertainment, I’m unsure of the return of Epik High, unless YGE offers additional contracts to both Mithra and DJ Tukutz (which I highly doubt I spoke too soon.  I’m not sure whether the two will be signed to YG, but see “edit 2” for information on Epik High’s return).    I just can’t see Tablo collaborating with current YG artists like Big Bang and 2NE1 (well, with the exception of PSY).  Whatever the case, great music comes from great musicians, and Tablo is one of a few.  He will always be an asset to The Movement, and everyone from the crew is happy about his return to the music scene.  I hope that his academic controversy will be put aside as he begin his musical journey once again.

How do you feel about Tablo’s comeback and his new contract with YG Entertainment?

Edit 1: So I was searching for more articles and came across this one, in which a YG representative stated:

Tablo’s decision to join YG Entertainment was guided by his wife and YG actress Kang Hye-Jung… After giving birth to their daughter, the two [Tablo and Kang Hye-Jung] suffered immensely from the scandal. Kang Hye-Jung introduced Tablo to YG’s CEO Yang Hyun-Suk because of the company’s family-like environment and genuine support for all the YG artists.

Edit 2: I found more information with regards to the future of Epik High… and the future seems bright!  Check out the translated article below:

…Long story short, Epik High will not disband.

…Although Tablo has signed an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment and plans to release his album on November 1, 2011, he is still in good terms with fellow Epik High members Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz.  Epik High is likely to return in the future after Tablo’s first solo album.

Mithra Jin is currently serving in the military, and Epik High’s activity must be delayed until he returns from the army.  Mithra Jin began his military service last August and will finish next May or June [2012].

DJ Tukutz has finished his military service and was discharged this past August… [Source: STARNEWS]

Simon D’s ‘SNL LEAGUE BEGINS’ Release Date and Tracklist Revealed

I love this album cover!

Simon D‘s first solo album ‘SNL League Begins‘ is a collaborative project with producer Loptimist and is to be released on September 28, 2011 Simon D—who started as an underground hip-hop artist—has gained a lot of popularity for his appearances on various entertainment shows, and hopes that his upcoming solo album will help his fans to learn and appreciate authentic hip-hop music.

The following is the track list for SNL LEAGUE BEGINS:

Simon D – [SNL LEAGUE BEGINS] Track List

01. 퍽이나(intro) (Feat. DJ Friz)
02. 에헤이(Eh Hey) (Feat. 조휴일 of 검정치마)
03. 컴플렉스(Complex 3) (Feat. B-Free, 지구인 of 리듬파워)
04. 짠해(Cheerz)
05. 히어로(Hero)
06. Stay Cool (Feat. Zion.T)
07. 끈(No More) (Feat. junggigo)
08. 해부(Body Rock)
09. 힘(We Got) (Feat. Dynamic Duo, Boston Horns)
10. 혼자만 남은 오후 (Getting ‘ Better)


Simon Dominic Reveals ‘Stay Cool’ MV

Simon Dominic (also known as Simon D.) recently released the MV for his second second ‘Stay Cool (feat. Zion T)‘.  The track’s soothing melody and uplifting lyrics are dedicated to all the ladies who are physically and emotionally exhausted from their mundane life. ‘Stay Cool‘ features rookie of the year Zion T who is also featured the Dok2’s track ‘I’m On My Way‘ (listen to it on YouTube).  Simon Dominic‘s first solo album SNL LEAGUE BEGINS is a collaborative effort with hip-hop producer Loptimist and will be released on September 27, 2011.

[Source: ROKHipHop]

Listen to Simon Dominic‘s first single ‘Hero‘ on YouTube.

I am very excited for his upcoming album for a number of reasons.  As a huge fan of both Simon Dominic and Loptimist, I am confident that this new album will not disappoint their fans.  My favourite collaborative track by the duo is Amnesia (listen to it on YouTube).

What are your thoughts on the two singles?