Simon Dominic Reveals ‘Stay Cool’ MV

Simon Dominic (also known as Simon D.) recently released the MV for his second second ‘Stay Cool (feat. Zion T)‘.  The track’s soothing melody and uplifting lyrics are dedicated to all the ladies who are physically and emotionally exhausted from their mundane life. ‘Stay Cool‘ features rookie of the year Zion T who is also featured the Dok2’s track ‘I’m On My Way‘ (listen to it on YouTube).  Simon Dominic‘s first solo album SNL LEAGUE BEGINS is a collaborative effort with hip-hop producer Loptimist and will be released on September 27, 2011.

[Source: ROKHipHop]

Listen to Simon Dominic‘s first single ‘Hero‘ on YouTube.

I am very excited for his upcoming album for a number of reasons.  As a huge fan of both Simon Dominic and Loptimist, I am confident that this new album will not disappoint their fans.  My favourite collaborative track by the duo is Amnesia (listen to it on YouTube).

What are your thoughts on the two singles?

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