Simon D’s ‘SNL LEAGUE BEGINS’ Release Date and Tracklist Revealed

I love this album cover!

Simon D‘s first solo album ‘SNL League Begins‘ is a collaborative project with producer Loptimist and is to be released on September 28, 2011 Simon D—who started as an underground hip-hop artist—has gained a lot of popularity for his appearances on various entertainment shows, and hopes that his upcoming solo album will help his fans to learn and appreciate authentic hip-hop music.

The following is the track list for SNL LEAGUE BEGINS:

Simon D – [SNL LEAGUE BEGINS] Track List

01. 퍽이나(intro) (Feat. DJ Friz)
02. 에헤이(Eh Hey) (Feat. 조휴일 of 검정치마)
03. 컴플렉스(Complex 3) (Feat. B-Free, 지구인 of 리듬파워)
04. 짠해(Cheerz)
05. 히어로(Hero)
06. Stay Cool (Feat. Zion.T)
07. 끈(No More) (Feat. junggigo)
08. 해부(Body Rock)
09. 힘(We Got) (Feat. Dynamic Duo, Boston Horns)
10. 혼자만 남은 오후 (Getting ‘ Better)



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