Tablo, ‘열꽃 (Fever’s End): Part 2’ Album Released

A few minutes ago, YG Entertainment artist and Epik High member Tablo released the second part of his first solo album, [열꽃 (Fever’s End): Part 2].  The new album features a variety of artists including Yankie, Taeyang of Big Bang, and Bong Taegyu.  Additionally, part 2 of the album also features scratching by fellow Epik High member DJ Tukutz.

Be sure to support Tablo by purchasing the album (iTunes Link).

Tablo – 열꽃 (Fever’s End): Part 2 – Tracklist:

1. Tomorrow (ft. Taeyang of Big Bang)
2. Trace (출처) (Scratch by DJ Tukutz)
3. Dear TV : 해열
4. Thank You For Breathing (고마운 숨) (ft. Yankie and Bong Taegyu)
5. Expired (유통기한)

[VIDEO] Tablo, Comeback Performance ft. Taeyang of Big Bang and Jinsil

Tablo is officially back from his musical hiatus!  His comeback stage performance includes two title-tracks from Part 1 and Part 2 of his new solo album 열꾳 (Fever’s End) and features Taeyang of Big Bang and Jinsil.  His new album 열꽃 (Fever’s End): Part 2 will be released worldwide on November 1, 2011.  Watch the two performances below:

Tablo – TOMORROW (ft. Taeyang of BIG BANG)

Tablo – Bad (ft. Jinsil)

What are your thoughts on his comeback stage performance?

Yoon Mirae, ‘Get It In’ Track and MV Released (iTunes Link)

The queen of hip-hop is back with another sick track(s)!  Be sure to read about her new tracks here.

Below is her MV and iTunes link. Be sure to show some Jungle love and support by purchasing her tracks!

t (Yoon Mirae) – Get It In (Korean version feat. Tiger JK and Jung-in)

English version (feat. Smokey Robotic)

[iTunes Link: DOWNLOAD]

i11evn, ‘Mic Ceremony (ft. Zico and DJ Wreckx)’ MV and Mixtape Tracklist Revealed

Earlier this month, Absalute Music artist 1llevn revealed his title track ‘Mic Ceremony‘ MV from his upcoming mixtape [The Next Top 5].  Produced by Absalute Music’s DJ ILLIPSE, the track features Zico‘s storm like rap and concludes with scratching by the ‘legendary’ DJ Wreckx.  The MV is directed by YPHD (Choi Eumjae).

Check out the MV below:

i11evn’s mixtape [The Next Top 5] – Tracklist

01.The Next Top 5
03.Mic Ceremony feat.Zico of Block B, DJ Wreckx
04.폰스타 feat.Suprema
05.Level 8
06.벌써겨울인가 feat.NoS2oK
07.Broken Radio
08.화성인 바이러스 feat.한해 of PHANTOM,Mino
09.Rap City
10.Cold World
11.Grammy Nominee
12.My Time(Guess Who)

[Source: ROKHipHop]

Edit1: Click HERE to download his mixtape!

Yoon Mirae/Tasha, New Single ‘Get It In’ Revealed!

Finally!  Korean hip-hop artist and singer 윤미래 (Yoon Mirae)–also known as T and Tasha–will be releasing her newest single titled ‘Get It In‘ today on October 26, 2011 (confirmed: midnight KST).   She will be releasing a Korean version as well as an english version for all you international fans out there!   What’s more, the beat is composed by Smokey Robotic member and American producer !llmind.  For the past year or so, !llmind has been keeping in close touch with Sunzoo, a super-hiphop-group featuring Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae, Roscoe Umali, Stylistik Jones, and DJ James Jhig (learn more about Sunzoo here).

The Korean version of ‘Get It In‘ features Drunken Tiger‘s Tiger JK and fellow Jungle Entertainment artist Jung-in.  The english version features Smokey Robotic, an American hip-hop group that made connections with Sunzoo through !llmind.

Currently, Yoon Mirae is one of the three main judges for MNET‘s music competition show ‘SUPERSTAR K3‘.  She was also featured as one of the top 12 female hip-hop artists in the world by MTV’s Iggy.

Any future updates with regards to Yoon Mirae’s new track will be edited here.  In the mean time, check out one of my favourite performances by Yoon Mirae:

[Source: The Comumnist Plus]

Edit1: Check out the awesome teaser below:

Edit2: The music video has just been released! Watch it now:

Dok2, Mixtape Title Track ‘Let It Go (Remix)’ Revealed

Illionaire Records CEO and artist Dok2 revealed via Twitter his title track ‘Let It Go (Remix)’ for his upcoming [Do It For The Fans] mixtape which will be available online through Twitter on November 1, 2011.  ‘Let It Go (Remix)‘ was originally produced and created by AOM’s Cha Cha Malone (@chachaaom) for his past album [Breakthrough EP].

Check out the track below:

[Source: ROKHipHop]

[MP3 Download: Let It Go (Remix)]

– Track List –
01. Intro / Prod.By Gonzo
02. Still Here 2011 / Prod.By Gonzo
03. Young King Young Boss (Feat. Zion.T) / Prod.By Gonzo
04. This Is What I Do / Prod.By Gonzo
05. Blah Blah Blah / Prod.By Gonzo
06. Let It Go (Remix) (Feat. Cha Cha Malone) / Prod.By Cha Cha Malone
07. How I Do / Prod.By Gonzo
08. Bangin’ Wit This / Prod.By Gonzo
09. Hilite&Illionaire (Feat. B-Free, Paloalto & The Quiett) / Prod.By The Quiett
10. Always Awake Remix (Feat. The Quiett) / Prod.By Shimmy Twice
11. Til My Time Gets Over / Prod.By Gonzo

[MV] Tablo Releases Bad (나쁘다) M/V

Earlier today, YG Entertainment artist Tablo released the MV for his first solo title track ‘Bad (나쁘다)’.  He also announced that pre-order for his new album [Fever’s End (열꽃)] is now available at YG e-Shop.  Be sure to check out his new Facebook page (and “Like” it if you’re a fan!)

Part 2 of his first solo album will be available on November 1, 2011.

Huckleberry P Releases Man In Black EP

Just a few hours ago, HI-LITE Records’ artist Huckleberry P released his first solo album [Man In Black EP].  Freestyle emcee and Pinodyne member Huckleberry P revealed in a recent R.O.K Hiphop interview that his lyrics from the new album were heavily based on his personal experiences he gained during his hip-hop career.  This contrasts from his Pinodyne tracks in which the lyrics were heavily theme-based and were created to fit the album concept.  Regardless, Huckleberry’s first solo album with HI-LITE Records is anticipated to illustrate Huckleberry’s powerful lyricism as well his passion and determination as a hip-hop emcee.

[Man In Black EP] Tracklist and Corresponding Credits:

01. More Than A Dream
Lyrics by Huckleberry P
Produced by Aeizoku

02. My Life So Bright
Lyrics by Huckleberry P
Produced by Briks
Cuts by DJ Tiz

03. Man In Black
Lyrics by Huckleberry P
Produced by Vida Loca
Cuts by DJ 짱가

04.Freestyle Tutorial (feat. Olltii)
Lyrics by Huckleberry P , Olltii
Produced by Briks

05. 남자의 자격 (feat. B-Free , Rhyme-A-)
Lyrics by Huckleberry P , B-Free , Rhyme-A-
Produced by Defiga

06.The Battlefield (feat. JJK , MC META)
Lyrics by Huckleberry P , JJK , MC META
Produced by Ja

07. History Is Made At Night (feat.Simon Dominic)
Lyrics by Huckleberry P , Simon Dominic
Produced by M.Ace

08. Man In Black (remix) (feat. Paloalto , Jerry.K , Minos , Vasco)
Lyrics by Huckleberry P , Paloalto , Jerry.K , Minos , Vasco
Produced by Vida Loca

Recorded by Paloalto @ Hi-Lite Studio
Mixed by Paloalto @ Hi-Lite Studio
Masterd by 전훈 @ Sonic Korea
Artwork by Aeizoku
Photography by Aeizoku
Distribute by HI-LITE Records x HIPHOPPLAYA

You can purchase Huckleberry P’s album on Daum.  I’ll update this post when I find out whether his album will be available on iTunes for us international listeners.


Tablo’s First Solo Album Title + Tracklist Revealed!

Earlier today, YG-blog revealed the complete tracklist for Tablo‘s upcoming first solo album which will be released on November 1, 2011. I’m getting more and more excited for Tablo’s new album as I look at the featured artists: Lee Sora, Jinshil, Bumkey, Yankie, Bong Taegyu, Taeyang, and scratches by Planet Shiver‘s DJ Friz, and fellow Epik High member DJ Tukutz.  Keep the news coming Tablo!

열꽃 (Fever’s End) Full Tracklist:

Part 1 (10/21/11)
1. 집 (Home) (feat. Lee Sora)
(Produced/Written: Tablo | Arranged: Jang Jaeyeon)
2. 나쁘다 (Bad) (feat. Jinshil) (Produced/Written/Arranged: Tablo)
3. AIRBAG (feat. Naul)  (Produced/Written/Arranged: Tablo)
4. 밀물 (Flood) (scratch by DJ Friz) (Produced/Written/Arranged: Tablo)
5. 밑바닥에서 (From the Bottom/Floor) (feat. Bumkey) (Produced/Written/Arranged: Tablo)

Part 2 (11/01/11)
6. TOMORROW (feat. Taeyang of Big Bang) (Produced/Written/Arranged: Tablo)
7. 출처 (Source) (scratch by DJ Tukutz) (Produced/Written/Arranged: Tablo)
8. 해열 (DEAR TV) (Produced/Written/Arranged: Tablo)
9.  고마운 숨 (Thankful Breath feat. Yankie and Bong Taegyu) (Produced: Tablo | Written: Tablo/Yankie | Arranged: Tablo/Lim Seunghyeon)
10.  유통기한 (Expire) (Produced/Written/Arranged: Tablo)

**The english translation of the song titles may not be completely accurate, so please take my translation with a grain of salt. If there are any corrections, I will update them accordingly.

Edit: Also, I’m not sure whether this has been previously revealed or not, but according to the image above, Tablo‘s new album is titled, 열꽃 (Fever’s End).

Edit 2: I translated the above image.  Check it out below:

Edit 3: According to HIPHOPPLAYA, a track from part 1 will be released tomorrow!  My guess would be that he will release the track 나쁘다 (Bad) tomorrow. Tablo will be releasing Part 1 (tracks 1 through 5) tomorrow!

Credit: YG-Life Blog

[MP3] Paloalto, Releases Free Track ‘참견말어 (None of Your Business) (feat. Evo)’

A short while ago, Paloalto released his digital EP [Fever For Calmness] and since then has been spending much of his time supporting his fellow artists at HILITE Records.  But it looks like he has not forgotten about his fans!  A few minutes ago he released a free track ‘참견말어 (None of Your Business)’ as a gift for his supportive fans.

‘None of Your Business‘ is a collaborative work which features Evo, a new member of HILITE Records.  Paloalto is currently working on his new mixtape which will be announced soon.  Stay tuned!

[FREE MP3] Paloalto – 참견말어 (None of Your Business) (feat. Evo) – [DOWNLOAD