Huckleberry P, EP “Men In Black” Tracklist Revealed

Huckleberry P recently revealed the tracklist for his upcoming album [Man In Black EP].  Additionally, he released a video footage of the album cover photoshoot.  Totalling eight complete tracks, [Man In Black EP] features a number of talented Korean producers and MCs.  Below is the album tracklist:

1. More Than A Dream (produced by Aeizoku)
2. My Life So Bright (produced by Briks)
3. Man In Black (produced by Vida Loca)
4. Freestyle Tutorial (feat. Olltii) (produced by Briks
5. 남자의 자격 (feat. B-Free, Rhyme-A-) (produced by Defiga)
6. The Battlefield (feat. MC META, JJK) (produced by JA)
7. History Is Made At Night (feat. Simon Dominic) (produced by M.Ace)
8. Man In Black (remix) (feat. Jerry.K, Minos, Vasco, Paloalto)

[Source: ROKHipHop]


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