Tablo’s First Solo Album Title + Tracklist Revealed!

Earlier today, YG-blog revealed the complete tracklist for Tablo‘s upcoming first solo album which will be released on November 1, 2011. I’m getting more and more excited for Tablo’s new album as I look at the featured artists: Lee Sora, Jinshil, Bumkey, Yankie, Bong Taegyu, Taeyang, and scratches by Planet Shiver‘s DJ Friz, and fellow Epik High member DJ Tukutz.  Keep the news coming Tablo!

열꽃 (Fever’s End) Full Tracklist:

Part 1 (10/21/11)
1. 집 (Home) (feat. Lee Sora)
(Produced/Written: Tablo | Arranged: Jang Jaeyeon)
2. 나쁘다 (Bad) (feat. Jinshil) (Produced/Written/Arranged: Tablo)
3. AIRBAG (feat. Naul)  (Produced/Written/Arranged: Tablo)
4. 밀물 (Flood) (scratch by DJ Friz) (Produced/Written/Arranged: Tablo)
5. 밑바닥에서 (From the Bottom/Floor) (feat. Bumkey) (Produced/Written/Arranged: Tablo)

Part 2 (11/01/11)
6. TOMORROW (feat. Taeyang of Big Bang) (Produced/Written/Arranged: Tablo)
7. 출처 (Source) (scratch by DJ Tukutz) (Produced/Written/Arranged: Tablo)
8. 해열 (DEAR TV) (Produced/Written/Arranged: Tablo)
9.  고마운 숨 (Thankful Breath feat. Yankie and Bong Taegyu) (Produced: Tablo | Written: Tablo/Yankie | Arranged: Tablo/Lim Seunghyeon)
10.  유통기한 (Expire) (Produced/Written/Arranged: Tablo)

**The english translation of the song titles may not be completely accurate, so please take my translation with a grain of salt. If there are any corrections, I will update them accordingly.

Edit: Also, I’m not sure whether this has been previously revealed or not, but according to the image above, Tablo‘s new album is titled, 열꽃 (Fever’s End).

Edit 2: I translated the above image.  Check it out below:

Edit 3: According to HIPHOPPLAYA, a track from part 1 will be released tomorrow!  My guess would be that he will release the track 나쁘다 (Bad) tomorrow. Tablo will be releasing Part 1 (tracks 1 through 5) tomorrow!

Credit: YG-Life Blog


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