Huckleberry P Releases Man In Black EP

Just a few hours ago, HI-LITE Records’ artist Huckleberry P released his first solo album [Man In Black EP].  Freestyle emcee and Pinodyne member Huckleberry P revealed in a recent R.O.K Hiphop interview that his lyrics from the new album were heavily based on his personal experiences he gained during his hip-hop career.  This contrasts from his Pinodyne tracks in which the lyrics were heavily theme-based and were created to fit the album concept.  Regardless, Huckleberry’s first solo album with HI-LITE Records is anticipated to illustrate Huckleberry’s powerful lyricism as well his passion and determination as a hip-hop emcee.

[Man In Black EP] Tracklist and Corresponding Credits:

01. More Than A Dream
Lyrics by Huckleberry P
Produced by Aeizoku

02. My Life So Bright
Lyrics by Huckleberry P
Produced by Briks
Cuts by DJ Tiz

03. Man In Black
Lyrics by Huckleberry P
Produced by Vida Loca
Cuts by DJ 짱가

04.Freestyle Tutorial (feat. Olltii)
Lyrics by Huckleberry P , Olltii
Produced by Briks

05. 남자의 자격 (feat. B-Free , Rhyme-A-)
Lyrics by Huckleberry P , B-Free , Rhyme-A-
Produced by Defiga

06.The Battlefield (feat. JJK , MC META)
Lyrics by Huckleberry P , JJK , MC META
Produced by Ja

07. History Is Made At Night (feat.Simon Dominic)
Lyrics by Huckleberry P , Simon Dominic
Produced by M.Ace

08. Man In Black (remix) (feat. Paloalto , Jerry.K , Minos , Vasco)
Lyrics by Huckleberry P , Paloalto , Jerry.K , Minos , Vasco
Produced by Vida Loca

Recorded by Paloalto @ Hi-Lite Studio
Mixed by Paloalto @ Hi-Lite Studio
Masterd by 전훈 @ Sonic Korea
Artwork by Aeizoku
Photography by Aeizoku
Distribute by HI-LITE Records x HIPHOPPLAYA

You can purchase Huckleberry P’s album on Daum.  I’ll update this post when I find out whether his album will be available on iTunes for us international listeners.



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