Dok2, Mixtape Title Track ‘Let It Go (Remix)’ Revealed

Illionaire Records CEO and artist Dok2 revealed via Twitter his title track ‘Let It Go (Remix)’ for his upcoming [Do It For The Fans] mixtape which will be available online through Twitter on November 1, 2011.  ‘Let It Go (Remix)‘ was originally produced and created by AOM’s Cha Cha Malone (@chachaaom) for his past album [Breakthrough EP].

Check out the track below:

[Source: ROKHipHop]

[MP3 Download: Let It Go (Remix)]

– Track List –
01. Intro / Prod.By Gonzo
02. Still Here 2011 / Prod.By Gonzo
03. Young King Young Boss (Feat. Zion.T) / Prod.By Gonzo
04. This Is What I Do / Prod.By Gonzo
05. Blah Blah Blah / Prod.By Gonzo
06. Let It Go (Remix) (Feat. Cha Cha Malone) / Prod.By Cha Cha Malone
07. How I Do / Prod.By Gonzo
08. Bangin’ Wit This / Prod.By Gonzo
09. Hilite&Illionaire (Feat. B-Free, Paloalto & The Quiett) / Prod.By The Quiett
10. Always Awake Remix (Feat. The Quiett) / Prod.By Shimmy Twice
11. Til My Time Gets Over / Prod.By Gonzo


One thought on “Dok2, Mixtape Title Track ‘Let It Go (Remix)’ Revealed

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