Tablo, ‘열꽃 (Fever’s End): Part 2’ Album Released

A few minutes ago, YG Entertainment artist and Epik High member Tablo released the second part of his first solo album, [열꽃 (Fever’s End): Part 2].  The new album features a variety of artists including Yankie, Taeyang of Big Bang, and Bong Taegyu.  Additionally, part 2 of the album also features scratching by fellow Epik High member DJ Tukutz.

Be sure to support Tablo by purchasing the album (iTunes Link).

Tablo – 열꽃 (Fever’s End): Part 2 – Tracklist:

1. Tomorrow (ft. Taeyang of Big Bang)
2. Trace (출처) (Scratch by DJ Tukutz)
3. Dear TV : 해열
4. Thank You For Breathing (고마운 숨) (ft. Yankie and Bong Taegyu)
5. Expired (유통기한)


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