[NEWS] Huckleberry P, ‘Man In Black’ M/V Revealed

Huckleberry P, who released his first solo album [Men In Black EP], has revealed the music video for his title track ‘Man In Black‘.  Huckleberry P’s record label HILITE Records stated, “This music video was filmed and edited by Aeizoku (Dom Dom Expo) who has been responsible for creating most of the artworks for HILITE Records.  Over two months of hard-work and dedication was put into the creation of this music video.”  Meanwhile, Aeizoku will be on hiatus as a MV director and is planning to focus on music album artwork.

Huckleberry P Twitter: http://twitter.com/huckleberryp84
HILITE Records Website: http://www.hilite-music.com
HILITE Records Twitter: http://twitter.com/@HILITE_RECORDS

[Article Source: HIPHOPPLAYA]
[Translation: DoYouKnowHipHop.com]


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