[NEWS] Jay Park, Collaborate With Far East Movement At ‘Highlight Festival 2012’ Interview Video

Jay Park and Far East Movement will finally be sharing the same stage.

On December 31st, the New Year’s Eve music festival ‘Highlight Festival 2012 Countdown‘ will headline Far East Movement as well Jay Park in Seoul, South Korea.  After having made close personal connections back in the U.S., the two originally planned to perform together during a Far East Movement concert last March but was unable to due to Jay Park’s personal reasons.

Although Far East Movement and Jay Park have performed on the same stage previously at the ISA Festival, this festival will be their first to collaborate in South Korea.  Having been one of the first to be chosen as a lineup for the ‘Highlight Festival 2012 Countdown’, Far East Movement made a personal request to collaborate with Jay Park in the upcoming festival.  Jay Park made no hesitation and agreed to collaborate with Far East Movement as well to share the stage with many of the world’s greatest electronic and hip-hop musicians.

[Article Source | ROKHipHop]
[Translation | DoYouKnowHipHop]


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