[NEWS] Jay Park, ‘New Breed Part 1 (Feat. Dok2, The Quiett)’ EP Released

Jay Park‘s new EP album [New Breed Part.1] was released today (28th).  With a total of 5 tracks, the EP album features DOK2 and The Quiett in tracks ‘Enjoy The Show‘ and ‘Up And Down‘.  The title song ‘별/Star‘ is an R&B track produced by Jun Goon who also produced tracks such as Taeyang‘s ‘I Need A Girl‘.  This track shares the story of Se7en and Park Han Byul and their unchanging love.  The EP album is available on Korean online music portal sites.

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Jay Park – [New Breed Part.1] Track List

01. 별/Star
02. Enjoy The Show (Feat. Dok2 & The Quiett)
03. Up And Down (Feat. Dok2)
04. I Got Your Back
05. 너 없이 안 돼/Can’t Do Without You (Guitar By 요한/Yohan)

[Article Source | HipHopPlaya]
[Translation | DoYouKnowHipHop] 


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