[NEWS] Huckleberry P, Free Mixtape Released

Pinodyne’s Huckleberry P, who held his own concert in Seoul and Daegu after releasing [Man In Black EP] last October, recently released a free mixtape titled [날치기통과 Mixtape].

[날치기통과 Mixtape] is a collection of tracks originally prepared for his next album and features emcees Innovator, Okasian, Take One, Olltii, 8Dro and 김낙싸움닭.  In addition, Pinodyne’s [PISH!] EP tracks ‘PISH!’, ‘Best Driver’, and ‘Alcohol Lamp’ instrumentals are also included in this mixtape.

[날치기통과 Mixtape] Tracklist

01. 못참아
02. 아무나 못해
03. 오늘도 내일도
04. Start Line (feat. Innovator, Okasian)
05. 선서
06. 이유 (feat. Take One)
07. 외줄타기
08. 모 아니면 도 (feat. New Champ)
09. 좆밥
10. 수백배로
11. Welcome To The Cypher (feat. Olltii)
12. Mr. 깨방정
13. Love And Happiness (feat. 8Dro)
14. 부끄럽지만 (feat. 김낙싸움닭)
15. PISH! Instrumental
16. 베스트드라이버 Instrumental
17. 알콜램프 Instrumental

[Download | LINK]
[Article Source | HI-LITE RECORDS]
[Translation | DoYouKnowHipHop.com] 


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