[NEWS] Tiger JK, “The First Time I Met My Wife Yoonmirae Gave Me Goosebumps”

[MyDaily = Kim Mirie Reporter]

On January 3rd, Tiger JK appeared in the recent broadcasting of KBS 2TV ‘Win Win’ and stated, “A friend made me listen to a song by Yoonmirae. At first I was shocked. She was so good that listening to her made me want to quit hip-hop.”

He continued, “I forgot about it and lived my own life for a while until I met my father coincidently at a convenience store.  Here he saw and approached someone who he thought I might be interested in.”

“My father praised to me about this girl, who coincidently turns out to be Yoonmirae.  I forgot about her again, but after a long time I met her once again at a [recording] studio.  This incidence gave me goosebumps”, Tiger JK revealed.

Later in the show, Tiger JK’s father and Korean pop columnist Suh Byung Hoo made a surprise appearance and explained the situation in detail.

Suh revealed, “When I saw Yoonmirae at the convenience store, I told her: I know someone who can be seen as hip-hop’s Che Guevara, someone who is on a mission to create and spread Korean hip-hop. That someone is my son, Tiger JK.”

Show MC Tak Jaehoon asked, “So you were considering her as your future daughter-in-law at the time?” and Suh replied, “Yes, that is true.  I was so happy when the two began dating.”

(Reporter: Kim Mirie, km8@mydaily.co.kr)

[Article Source | MyDaily.co.kr]
[Translation | DoYouKnowHipHop.com]


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