[NEWS] BIZNIZ, [STRICTLY BIZNIZ EP] Release Date January 12

BIZNIZ, who has been releasing several mixtapes and working with others to launch their label Absalute Music, will be releasing his EP titled [STRICTLY BIZNIZ] on January 12, 2012.  More details to follow.


01.STRICTLY BIZNIZ (produced by Syren)
02.SWG (produced by scary’p)
03.싱글맨 feat.Bumkey (produced by scary’p)
04.4885 feat.i11EVN (produced by scary’p)
05.고개들고 워썹 feat.Reddy,Innovator,Donutman,Hwaji,i11EVN,Psycoban,New Champ,Qwala,Jolly V,Wutan (produced by scary’p)
06.Christmas Swag feat.Young Jay,Kiddo,i11EVN,Mino,노숙 (produced by Syren)
07.Tweet Tweet feat.Psycoban,한해(of PHANTOM),Deepflow (produced by Psycoban)
08.싱글맨 (Instrumental)
09.고개들고 워썹 (Instrumental)

[Article Source | ROKHIPHOP]
[Translation | DoYouKnowHipHop]


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