[NEWS] Freelow, Free Mixtape [FREELOW RIGHT HERE] Released

Soul Connection‘s newest rapper Freelow recently released his first mixtape [FREELOW RIGHT HERE] as well as the title track MV.  Having been featured in Still PM‘s single ‘B-Side Tracks pt.2‘ last October, Freelow hopes to establish his own ground in the Korean hip-hop scene through this new mixtape.

Meanwhile, company Soul Connection plans to hold a concert at Hongdae V-Hall on January 28.  Tickets are available through Soul Connection Community website (http://club.cyworld.com/scinc).

Freelow ‘Attitude‘ MV:

Freelow Mixtape Vol.1 [FREELOW RIGHT HERE]

[Download: LINK]

01. Attitude
02. 세 얼간이(feat.Rhymics,Maslo)
03. Where you at
04. You better run(feat.Still PM)
05. 이 밤은 길어/The Night is Long
06. Alive(feat.CSP)

[Article Source | HIPHOPPLAYA.COM]
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[Translation | DoYouKnowHipHop]


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