[VIDEO] Bizzy, ‘Movement 4 (꺼지지 않는 초심 / My Inextinguishable Purpose)’ MV

As you may already know, Bizzy has been a long time member of the Movement Crew, a Korean hip-hop crew originally formed by Drunken Tiger, CB Mass, Uptown and Thanos in 2000.

The track, ‘꺼지지 않는 초심 (My Inextinguishable Purpose)‘ (2007?) features members of the Movement Crew, including YDG, sean2slow, TBNY‘s Topbob and Yankie, Epik High‘s Mithra and Tablo, Eun Jiwon, Drunken Tiger‘s Tiger JK, Double K, Dok2, Bobby Kim, t윤미래 (Yoon Mirae), Dynamic Duo‘s Choiza and Gaeko, Gan-D, Leessang‘s Gary and GilDeegie, and Juvie Train.

Watch the MV with english translations below.  The video quality is quite poor, but the translation is excellent!

For more information about The Movement Crew, you can visit the active Facebook group as well as their Wikipedia page.


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