[NEWS] Evo, First Solo EP Title Track ‘WOW’ M/V Revealed

HI-LITE Records artist Evo recently revealed the MV for the title track ‘WOW‘ for his upcoming first solo EP titled [My Way].  His new album will be released on March 2, 2012. Continue reading

[NEWS] Dok2, [Love & Life, The Album] Tracklist Revealed

Earlier today, Dok2 revealed the full track-list for his upcoming album [Love & Life, The Album].  The new album totals 11 tracks and features a number of R&B and hip-hop artists including RadoZion TJinbo, and Bumkey. Continue reading

[NEWS] Huckleberry P, New Single ‘Rap Badr Hari’ M/V Revealed

HI-LITE Records artist Huckleberry P recently revealed the MV for his new singe titled ‘Rap Badr Hari‘. Continue reading

[NEWS] Dok2, New Digital Single ‘Best Time (In Our Life)’ M/V Revealed

Earlier today, Dok2 revealed the M/V for the title track ‘Best Time (In Our Life)‘ for his upcoming album [Love & Life, The Album]. The new digital single can be purchased on various music sites. Continue reading

[NEWS] Dok2, New Album [Love & Life, The Album] Jack Cover Revealed

Dok2 recently revealed the jacket cover and release date for his upcoming album, [Love & Life, The Album]. Continue reading

[VIDEO] Okasian, ‘Reddy On Any Okasian’ M/V

Okasian (HI-LITE Records) and Reddy (Overthose) revealed the MV for their collaborative track titled ‘Reddy On Any Okasian‘. Continue reading

[NEWS] Jay Park, ‘Know Your Name (Feat. Dok2)’ M/V Revealed

Earlier today, Jay Park released his first full-length album [New Breed] alongside with the MV for the title track ‘Know Your Name (Feat. Dok2)‘.  For more information about Jay Park’s [New Breed], check out our earlier post. Continue reading