[NEWS] Dok2, [Love & Life, The Album] Tracklist Revealed

Earlier today, Dok2 revealed the full track-list for his upcoming album [Love & Life, The Album].  The new album totals 11 tracks and features a number of R&B and hip-hop artists including RadoZion TJinbo, and Bumkey.

[Love & Life, The Album] will be digitally available on world-wide next week (February 24) on iTunes and various music sites. Offline copies will be available on February 28.

Dok2 – ‘Love & Life, The Album’ Track List

01. Love & Life (Feat. Rado) / Prod. By Rado
02. Best Time (In Our Life) / Prod. By Gonzo
03. Let Me Love U / Prod.by Gonzo
04. 비밀 2 (Feat. Zion.T) / Prod.by Gonzo
05. Plenty (Feat. Jinbo) / Prod.by Jinbo
06. They Love Who? / Prod.by Gonzo
07. Leave Me Alone (Fuck You) / Prod.by Gonzo
08. Can’t Let You Go (Feat. Bumkey) / Prod.by Gonzo
09. It’s Alright / Prod.by Gonzo
10. Lonely Nights / Prod.by Gonzo
11. 어제 같은 오늘 / Prod.by Prima Vista

[Article Source | HIPHOPPLAYA]


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