[NEWS] Epik High Releases “The Collection 2003-2010” Greatest Hits Album

Epik High‘s “The Collection 2003-2010” greatest hits album was released on the 26th of July.

The greatest hits album is comprised of Epik High’s hit tracks between 2003-2010.  With a total of 15 tracks, the two-disc album is available in stores and online through music sites.

Epik High – [The Collection 2003-2010] Track List

01. 우산 (Feat. 윤하)
02. 평화의 날
03. 실어증 (Feat. Paloalto)
04. Lady (High Society)
05. Fallin` (Feat. 조예진 Of 루싸이트 토끼)
06. Love Love Love (Feat. Yoong Jin of Casker)
07. 1분 1초 (Feat. 타루)
08. 혼자라도 (Feat. 클래지콰이)
09. Paris (Feat. 지선 of 러브홀릭)
10. Coffee (Feat. 성아)
11. 11월 1일 (Feat. 김재석 of Wanted)
12. 선곡표 (Feat. Dj Zio)
13. Fly (Feat. Amin. J of Soulciety)
14. One (Feat. 지선 of 러브홀릭)
15. I Remember (Feat. Kensie)

01. Lesson 2 (Sunset)
02. Eight By Eight (Feat. Dynamic Duo, Dok2, Double K, TBNY)
03. 습관 (Feat. 하동균)
04. 연필깎이 (Feat. Kebee)
05. Wordkill
06. Lesson 3 (MC)
07. The Future (Feat. Yankie)
08. 풍파 (Feat. 한상원)
09. Let It Rain (Feat. 김종완 of Nell)
10. 행복합니다 (Feat. JW of Nell)
11. 당신의 조각들 (Feat. 지선 of 러브홀릭)
12. Flow (Feat. Emi Hinouchi)
13. Follow The Flow (Feat. D-Tox, MYK)
14. Breakdown
15. My Ghetto (Feat. 김연우)

Editor’s note: Various sources say that the members of Epik High were in no way associated with the release of “The Collection 2003-2010” and may have been an agreement between CJ and Woolim entertainment without their permission.  That being said, Epik High plans to release their 7th album this upcoming September.

Article Source | HIPHOPPLAYA.COM
Translations | HiphopKR


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