[NEWS] DJ Dopsh Announces [Dope N Fresh] Album And Releases “Dopshit” MV

Grandline Entertainment’s newest member DJ Dopsh will be releasing his new turntablist album [Dope N Fresh] on July 30 through HIPHOPPLAYA and various online music sites.

[Dope N Fresh] is a ten-track turntablist album created using scratches, beats, and samples from DJ Dopsh‘s turntable. While creating the album, DJ Dopsh used  mainly vocal samples in order to convey each track being “emceed” by his turntable. The album features many artists, including The Quiett, Crucial Star, Louie, TakeOne, Jerry.K, DJ Skar and various MCs.

Check out the MV for “Dopshit” below:

[Dope N Fresh] Track List

1. The Introduction (Feat. The Quiett)
2. Broadway (Feat. DJ Skar)
3. Grandliner’s Cypher (Feat. Crucial Star, Louie, TakeOne)
4. Dopshit
5. Listen to Diss
6. 싸가지
7. Dopshit Remix (Feat. Jerry. K)
8. Dopshit (Instrumental)
9. Listen to Diss (Instrumental)
10. 싸가지 (Instrumental)

Article Source | GrandlineENT
Translations | HiphopKR


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