[VIDEO] JoyRain Reveals MV For ‘Challenge Yourself (Feat. DJ KENDRICKX)’


As he prepares to release his first EP [One Step (한발짝)] on November 28, ADV’s JoyRain recently revealed the MV for his title track titled ‘Challenge Yourself (도전해) (Feat. DJ KENDRICKX).’ Continue reading

[NEWS] Young Jay Releases Tracklist and Title Track For Mixtape [JAY WORLD]


RHYDMEKA CREW artist Young Jay has recently released the tracklist and title track ‘100’ for his upcoming mixtape titled [JAY WORLD]. Continue reading

[VIDEO] Fame-J Releases Teaser MV for ‘Never Ever (feat. i11evn, Lil cham)

FACTORY BOi Production artist FAME-J has recently revealed the teaser video for his new single titled ‘Never Ever (feat. i11evn, Lil cham).’ Continue reading

[VIDEO] illinit – ‘Survival’ Typography Video + Free Track

Earlier today, illinit released the typography music video for his free english track titled ‘Survival.’ Continue reading

[VIDEO] The EBS Space – Freestyle by Huckleberry P, JJK, Together Brothers, Olltii, DJ Shining Stone, DJ KENDRICKX

The EBS Space presents the encore freestyle performance featuring Huckleberry P, JJK, Together Brothers, Olltii, DJ Shining Stone, and DJ KENDRICKX. Continue reading

[VIDEO] Amoeba TV Presents PRIMARY SHOWCASE – Strange World (요지경)

Earlier today, Amoeba Culture revealed another episode of PRIMARY SHOWCASE featuring Primary and Supreme Team. Continue reading

[NEWS] Okasian Announces Debut Album ‘Check-In (탑승수속)’

HI-LITE Records artist Okasian recently announced his debut album titled ‘Check-In (탑승수속).’ Continue reading