[NEWS] Soriheda Announces Release Date And Tracklist For Album [Soriheda 2]

Producer Soriheda, who gained popularity after releasing his first album titled [Soriheda], has revealed the track-list and release date for his second album [Soriheda 2]. Also known as the “Father of Sound”, Soriheda continues to sharpen his own style of music in this second album, as the first track from the [Soriheda 2] will be a continuation from the last track of the first album.

The upcoming album will feature Soulman & Minos, Marina Zettl & Thomas Mauerhofer, RHYME-A-, PALOALTO, Kang Seona, Born Kim, Saetbyul, Dead’P, R-EST, Suda, Huckleberry P, B-Free, Analogue Boy, Deepflow, DJ WEGUN, Jinwang, OKASIAN, Soulfish, Hwaji, Jolly V, and kaedemelodii. The album will be available on November 26, 2012.
‘소리헤다2’ Track List

01. 출발선 (with RHYME-A-, DJ WEGUN)
02. 침묵 (with R-EST, kaedemelodii)
03. 생각의 탄생 (with Dead`P, 강선아)
04. 일어나[Wake up] (with B-FREE)
05. 올빼미의 밤[The Owl`s Night] (with Marina Zettl, PALOALTO)
06. 4학년2학기 (with OKASIAN)
07. 아홉수 (with Huckleberry P, 샛별)
08. 한량가 (with 화지)
09. 사과마티니 (with Born Kim, 강선아)
10. 설흔[雪痕] (with Soulman & Minos, Soulfish)
11. 허수아비의 노래 (with 수다쟁이, 강선아)
12. 아스팔트 (with DEEP FLOW)
13. 자리 [Position] (with Jolly V, Soulman)
14. 꿈속은 (with 아날로그소년, 진왕)
15. 여전히 (with RHYME-A-)


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