[NEWS] Okasian Announces Debut Album ‘Check-In (탑승수속)’

HI-LITE Records artist Okasian recently announced his debut album titled ‘Check-In (탑승수속).’

Okasian, who previously released numerous free tracks and digital singles, revealed that his upcoming debut album will be comprised of 10 tracks, each with his own fresh and unique flavor. The album will be available both offline and online on December 6. In addition, Okasian will be holding a concert with B-Free and Jerry.k at CLUB DAEGU on December 8.

Okasian Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/RealOkasian)
HI-LITE Homepage (http://www.hilite-music.com)

[ Article Source | HIPHOPPLAYA ]
[ Translations | HiphopKR ]


One thought on “[NEWS] Okasian Announces Debut Album ‘Check-In (탑승수속)’

  1. okasian album ?
    ima buy dat

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