[MIXTAPE] J.Counter – ‘Go For Mine (Introduction)’


Awesometrad Crew’s J.Counter recently released his mixtape “Go For Mine (Introduction).”

With a total of 12 tracks, “Go For Mine (Introduction)” is J.Counter’s first mixtape album and is intended to introduce his unique hip hop style. Check out his track ‘U So Good (feat. Demento)” below:


01. My Style
02. Ms Lotus (Feat. 구현, Enesty)
03. Good Night
04. Say Good Bye
05. Walk On The Street (Feat. Stringer HJ)
06. U So Good (Feat. Demento)
07. Rockstar (Dreamchaser)
08. We R Awesometrad (Feat, Stringer HJ, Jiim)
09. Young & Makin’ it (Feat. Demento)
10. You Will Find Me
11. 너 보다 잘해
12. See The Moonlight (Feat. R.A)

[ Download | LINK ]

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J.Counter Twitter : http://twitter.com/jcounter1
J.Counter Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/jcounter89

[ Article Source | ROKHIPHOP ]
[ Translations | HiphopKR ]


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