[NEWS] Dok2, ‘South Korean Rapstar Mixtape’ Album Preview


1LLIONAIRE RECORDS’ Dok2 recently released a sneak peak for his entire album [South Korean Rapstar Mixtape] which will be released on January 11, 2013.

Dok2’s new mixtape [South Korean Rapstar] totals 22 tracks split into 2 CDs.

Track List

CD 1

01. Intro (Prod.by Gonzo)
02. Iongivafvck (Prod.by Gonzo)
03. Hulk (Prod.by Gonzo)
04. Illionaire Gang (Feat. Beenzino & The Quiett) (Prod.by Gonzo)
05. Rap Star (Prod.by Gonzo)
06. Paranormal Raptivity (Feat. B-Free & Okasian) (Prod.by Gonzo)
07. Realest Shit Ever (Prod.by Gonzo)
08. 100% (Prod.by Gonzo)
09. Cap Tatt Jays (Feat. Juvie Train) (Prod.by Gonzo)
10. Profile (G-Mix) (Prod.by Gonzo)
11. 9.0 (Feat. TakeOne & Ugly Duck) (Prod.by Prima Vista)

CD 2

01. So Real (Prod.by Gonzo)
02. Never Die (Prod.by Gonzo)
03. Came From The Bottom (G-Mix) (Prod.by The Quiett)
04. Get Dough (G-Mix) (Prod.by The Quiett)
05. Hunnit (Original Ver.) (Prod.by Gonzo)
06. 즐겨 (Feat. Beenzino) (Prod.by Gonzo)
07. Turnt Up (Prod.by Gonzo)
08. I’m 1LL (Prod.by Gonzo)
09. They Love Who (Remix) (Feat. Beenzino & The Quiett) (Prod.by Gonzo)
10. Hotter Than The Summer (Remix) (Feat. Beenzino & The Quiett) (Prod.by The Quiett)
11. Doin’ Great (Feat. Jay Park) (Prod.by Gonzo)

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