[NEWS] JA Releases Album Tracklist and Title Track ‘The Light [Electronic Ver.] (Feat. The Quiett)’


SALON 01’s artist JA recently revealed the tracklist for his upcoming album [Shining Moments Director’s Cut].

JA (제이에이) – Shining Moments Director’s cut Tracklist

01. Director’s cut (Intro)
02. Be My Guest [Jazz Ver] (feat. 이아람)
03. The Light [Electronica Ver.] (feat. The Quiett)
04. Puppet Show [Encore] (feat. Innovator)
05. Everyday Struggle [Old School Mix] (feat. 리듬파워, DJ Wegun)
06. 아무도 못말려 [Disco Mix] (Feat. Huckleberry P, RHYME-A-)
07. 바보일기 [Urban Mix] (feat. 수다쟁이)
08. Foolish Interlude [Urban Mix]
09. 난 네가 [Rainy Ver.] (feat. 남수림)
10. 너의 꿈을 꿨어 [Acoustic Ver.] (feat. 이아람)

‘The Light [Electronic Ver.]’ is an ambient and electronic remake of the original track and features The Quiett from 1LLIONAIRE Records. Check out the track below:

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