[NEWS] HI-LITE RECORDS To Release Compilation Album “HI-LIFE”


HI-LITE Records will be releasing a label compilation album titled [HI-LIFE] on June 25.

As a major player in the Korean hip-hop scene, label HI-LITE RECORDS will be celebrating its third anniversary with a compilation album featuring the diverse label artists.  Along with the album announcement, the label also revealed a teaser video of the title track ‘Survive’ featuring Okasian, Paloalto, and B-Free.  The track ‘Survive’ will be available on May 30 worldwide.

Check out the teaser video for “Survival” below:

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4 thoughts on “[NEWS] HI-LITE RECORDS To Release Compilation Album “HI-LIFE”

  1. Hi! Do you know where could I buy the album -when it comes out- from outside Korea?

    • Hi there,

      Your best bet would be iTunes… some artists from HI-LITE Records release their music via iTunes, so hopefully the label will release on iTunes.

      • Thanks! I actually meant the physical album, I’d love to have it, but I can’t find any korean hip hop related store online. I know you can buy k-pop CDs from a lot of websites, o I was wondering if there’s a website for k-hip hop too…

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