[VIDEO] Bullhandang (불한당), “Bullhandanga (불한당가, 不汗黨歌)” MV


On May 31, hiphop group Bullhandang (불한당) released the title track “Bullhandanga (불한당가, 不汗黨歌)” MV for the upcoming album [절충 3: 불한당들의 진입과 전투].

The MV, which features impressive choreography featuring performance team Floor Essay’s Nilson and Brazillian Batucada team Rapercussion’s Zion Luz.  The video is directed by NAIVE creative production team who was involved with various music videos including YDG “Give It To Me”, Together Brothers “I.D”, and Baechigi “Shower of Tears”.

The album is expected to drop on June 11, with the digital release for part 1 and 2 to drop on June 11 and 14, respectively.  Check out the tracklist below:

절충 3 : 불한당들의 진입과 전투 part 1

1. 진입과 전투
2. 불한당’s oblige
3. 혀를 파지
4. 불한당가
5. 한길을 걸어가라 Remix
6. 진입과 전투 (instrumental)
7. 불한당’s oblige (instrumental)
8. 혀를 파지 (instrumental)
9. 불한당가 (instrumental)
10. 한길을 걸어가라 Remix (instrumental)

절충 3 : 불한당들의 진입과 전투 part 2

1. 해넘이
2. Real Talk
3. Beam
4. 하몽 pt.2
5. 행복한 거래
6. 해넘이 (instrumental)
7. Real Talk (instrumental)
8. Beam (instrumental)
9. 하몽 pt.2 (instrumental)

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