[ALBUM] Soriheda, “소리해다2: Instrumental”


Earlier today, Soriheda released the instrumental version of his album “소리해다2”.

Dedicated to his fans, Soriheda released the instrumental album for free as an appreciation for the love and support he received over the years.

[ Download | Mediafire ]

[Track List]
01. 출발선
02. 침묵
03. 생각의 탄생
04. 일어나(Wake up)
05. 올빼미의 밤(The Owl`s Night)
06. 4학년2학기
07. 아홉수
08. 한량가
09. 사과마티니
10. 설흔(雪痕)
11. 허수아비의 노래
12. 아스팔트
13. 자리(Position)
14. 꿈속은
15. 여전히
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[ Translations | HIPHOPKR ]


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