[NEWS] Outsider To Release 4th Album in July


After 3 years of hiatus, Outsider is returning to the Korean hip-hop scene with his 4th album in July. Prior to completing his military service last September, Outsider was active in the music scene with his tracks Acquaintance (주변인), Piero’s Tears (피에로의 눈물), and of course Loner (외톨이).  After 3 years of hiatus, Outsider–spitting 21 syllables per second–plans to return to the hip-hop scene this summer.

Heavily influenced by writers Virginia Woolf and Edgar Allen Poe, Outsider comments that his upcoming album will step out of the boundary of ordinary hip-hop music and will be themed around “Loneliness, Yearning, and Rebirth”.  The album is produced by Team 클래스S and mastered by Stuart Hawkes, who has worked with several musicians in the past, notably Amy Winehouse and Mika Nakashima.

Outsider’s comeback performance–featuring Lee Hyundo, MC Meta, Baechigi, and Lexy–will be on MNET Show Me The Money 2.

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