[NEWS] Dok2, ‘South Korean Rapstar Mixtape’ Album Preview


1LLIONAIRE RECORDS’ Dok2 recently released a sneak peak for his entire album [South Korean Rapstar Mixtape] which will be released on January 11, 2013. Continue reading



On November 16, 1LLIONAIRE released the tenth episode of 1LLIONAIRE DAY VLOG. Continue reading

[MP3] The Quiett, Dok2 and Beenzino Releases Free Track ‘ILLIONAIRE GANG’

1LLIONAIRE Records’ The Quiett, Dok2, and Beenzino recently released a free track titled ‘ILLIONAIRE GANG’. Continue reading

[VIDEO] On Stage Session, Featuring “Beenzino”

In the recent episode of Naver Music On Stage Session series, Beenzino performed “Aqua Man” and “Profile (feat. Dok2 and The Quiett)” from his [2 4 : 2 6] album. Continue reading

[NEWS] JTONG Releases Full Tracklist For First LP

JTONG, recognized for earning the title “HIPHOPPLAYA Rookie of the Year 2011” last year, released the full tracklist for his upcoming first full album. Continue reading

[NEWS] The Quiett Releases “Hotter Than The Summer” and “Get Dough (feat. Beenzino)”

Earlier this week, Illionaire Records’ The Quiett released two free summer tracks titled “Hotter Than The Summer” and “Get dough (feat. Beenzino)” through his personal Twitter account.

Check out the track “Hotter Than The Summer” on Youtube below:

Download Links:
Hotter Than The Summer | Get dough (feat. Beenzino)

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[VIDEO] ILLIONAIRE Tour 2012 – “Profile”

“Profile” – Beenzino, The Quiett, Dok2 (2012.07.21 ILLIONAIRE TOUR 2012, SEOUL) Continue reading