[ALBUM] Dynamic Duo, [DIGILOG 2/2] and ‘Without You’ MV Released

A few hours ago, Dynamic Duo released the second part of their 6th album titled [DIGILOG 2/2], as well as the title track MV ‘거기서 거기Without You‘. Gaeko plays a role as a dry cleaner who falls in love with a police officer but soon finds out she is Choiza‘s girlfriend. I won’t spoil the ending, so watch the video below:

Check out the album tracklist here.


[NEWS] Dynamic Duo, [DIGILOG 2/2] January 4th Release Date

The second part of Dynamic Duo‘s ten-year anniversary and sixth album [DIGILOG 2/2] will be released on January 4th.  The upcoming album features top Korean hip-hop producers Philtre (Planet Shiver), Primary, Soulscape, Loptimist, Simo&Moodschula, and Lowdown30, as well artists Simon D, Yankie, UV, Jung-in and Haengju (Rhythm Power).  This album can be pre-ordered through HipHopPlaya.com.

Dynamic Duo – [DIGILOG 2/2] Track List
01. 확가게 (Go Hard!!)
02. 제끼자 (Check This Out!!!) feat. yankie, yabul
03. 거기서거기 (Without You)
04. 혹으로 알아 (Innocent Prisoner)
05. 오해 (Misunderstood) feat. Simon D, 리듬파워의 행주/Haengju of Rhythm Power
06. 남산워먼 (Namsan Woman) feat. UV
07. 참고 살아 (be…)
08. 사랑의 미학 (Art of Love)
09. Outro
10. 사랑의 미학 (Art of Love) primary remix

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[NEWS] Dynamic Duo, 6th Album ‘Digilog 2/2’ Track List Revealed

Earlier today, Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko (@gaekogeem) tweeted a photo revealing the track list for their upcoming album ‘Digilog 2/2‘.  Gaeko’s photo indicates many artists to be featured on the new album, including Yankie, Simon D, UV, and an unnamed artist.  Check out the track list below:

Track List*

1. 확가게 (go hard)
2. 제끼자 (feat. Yankee)
3. 거기서거기/Stop Right There
4. 호구와트 (low down30)
5. 오해/Misunderstanding (Feat. Simon D, ? )
6. NamSan Woman (Feat. UV)
7. 참고살아/Move On (primary)
8. (Soulscape)
9. Outro

*Bolded tracks were translated according to my interpretation and may not be completely accurate.

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