[VIDEO] Yankie, I.N.D.O (이놈) (Feat. Tablo)


On February 28, Yankie unveiled the MV for his new project track ‘I.N.D.O (이놈) (Feat. Tablo)’.

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[VIDEO] Gaeko, Rhythm Is Life (느낌 so good) MV


Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko recently unveiled the music video for ‘Rhythm Is Life (느낌 so good)’. 
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[MUSIC] Simon D, Gaeko, Tablo, DJ Tukutz, Mithra Jin, Choiza – ‘THE CYPHER 2012’


Simon D, Gaeko, Tablo, DJ Tukutz, Mithra, Choiza – ‘THE CYPHER 2012′ (MIXED BY DJ TUKUTZ) Continue reading

[VIDEO] Gaeko, Choiza, Simon D, Primary – ‘난리good!!!(AIR)’ Official MV


The Creative One (Gaeko, Choiza, and Simon D) and Primary revealed the music video for their latest project track titled ‘난리good!!!(AIR)’. Continue reading

[MP3 + VIDEO] Dynamic Duo x Kero One x Dumbfoundead, ‘Loves Gonna Getcha’ MV Revealed

Earlier today, Dumbfoundead revealed on YouTube his latest Korean hip-hop collaboration with fellow artists Kero One and Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko and Choiza. The collaborative track, titled ‘Loves Gonna Getcha‘ was released as a free track along with the MV on YouTube. Continue reading

[VIDEO] Primary, ‘See Through (feat. Gaeko, Zion.T)’ MV Revealed

Primary revealed the MV for the track titled ‘See Through (feat. Gaeko, Zion.T)‘ from his third series album [Primary And The Messengers Part.3]. Continue reading

[NEWS] Jay Park, ‘Know Your Name (Feat. Dok2)’ M/V Revealed

Earlier today, Jay Park released his first full-length album [New Breed] alongside with the MV for the title track ‘Know Your Name (Feat. Dok2)‘.  For more information about Jay Park’s [New Breed], check out our earlier post. Continue reading