[NEWS] Soul Fish, ‘What We Do (Feat. Okasian, GLV, Paloalto, B-Free, Huckleberry P, Evo)’ M/V Revealed

Pinodyne‘s producer Soul Fish plans to release his HI-LITE collaborative project titled ‘Soul Fish with HI-LITE‘ on the 27th, featuring members of HI-LITE Records. Continue reading

[VIDEO] Bizzy, ‘Movement 4 (꺼지지 않는 초심 / My Inextinguishable Purpose)’ MV

As you may already know, Bizzy has been a long time member of the Movement Crew, a Korean hip-hop crew originally formed by Drunken Tiger, CB Mass, Uptown and Thanos in 2000. Continue reading

[VIDEO] Psycoban and Verbal Jint, ‘Classic’ M/V

On January 27 2012, Verbal Jint revealed the MV for his latest single ‘Classic‘ which was co-produced with Psycoban.   Continue reading

[VIDEO] Tiger JK, Featured in Brian Joo’s “Taking Leave Of You” MV Teaser [UPDATED]

Hip-hop artist Tiger JK will be featured in the MV for artist Brian Joo‘s upcoming single titled ‘Taking Leave Of You“.  The full MV will be released on January 26, 2012.

Get it! “@Brianjoomuzik: Finally my MV teaser has been revealed. Please go view it here http://t.co/fIKko6t4 ^^ The music video features myself and @DrunkenTigerJK hyung ^^ Thank you so much Tiger JK hyung..”

(via Twitter)

Check out the teaser below:

Update1: The full MV is now available. Check it out below:

[NEWS] PRIZMOLIQ, ‘Ill Combined’ M/V Revealed

GrandPics hip-hop group PRIZMOLIQ‘s first single ‘Ill Combined‘ MV has been revealed.  As part of Scary’P‘s producing album [PRODUCIZM], this single features scratching by DJ Tiz and the MV is directed by Choi Eum-jae (YPHD).  PRIZMOLIQ’s full album ‘Zeitgeist‘ is currently under work and is expected to release early 2012.

This track can be purchased on HIPHOPPLAYA Music as well as various other music portals.

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[NEWS] Freelow, Free Mixtape [FREELOW RIGHT HERE] Released

Soul Connection‘s newest rapper Freelow recently released his first mixtape [FREELOW RIGHT HERE] as well as the title track MV.  Having been featured in Still PM‘s single ‘B-Side Tracks pt.2‘ last October, Freelow hopes to establish his own ground in the Korean hip-hop scene through this new mixtape.

Meanwhile, company Soul Connection plans to hold a concert at Hongdae V-Hall on January 28.  Tickets are available through Soul Connection Community website (http://club.cyworld.com/scinc).

Freelow ‘Attitude‘ MV:

Freelow Mixtape Vol.1 [FREELOW RIGHT HERE]

[Download: LINK]

01. Attitude
02. 세 얼간이(feat.Rhymics,Maslo)
03. Where you at
04. You better run(feat.Still PM)
05. 이 밤은 길어/The Night is Long
06. Alive(feat.CSP)

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[VIDEO] BIZNIZ, ‘SWG’ M/V Revealed

After releasing his EP album [STRICTLY BIZNIZ] on January 12, BIZNIZ revealed the MV for his track ‘SWG‘ produced by scary’p.  The MV is directed by Choi Eum-Jae.

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