[VIDEO] Paloalto & EVO, ‘Seoul’ MV Revealed

On June 21, Paloalto and Evo released their collaborative single titled “Seoul” from their project album [Behind The Scenes]. Continue reading

[NEWS] Crucial Star, Take One, and Lil Boi, Mixtape Bundle Available Worldwide

Earlier today, record label Grandline Entertainment announced via Twitter that they are selling a special bundle package featuring mixtapes by artists Crucial Star, Take One, and Lil Boi. Continue reading

[MP3 + VIDEO] Dynamic Duo x Kero One x Dumbfoundead, ‘Loves Gonna Getcha’ MV Revealed

Earlier today, Dumbfoundead revealed on YouTube his latest Korean hip-hop collaboration with fellow artists Kero One and Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko and Choiza. The collaborative track, titled ‘Loves Gonna Getcha‘ was released as a free track along with the MV on YouTube. Continue reading

[VIDEO] Verbal Jint, ‘Pretty Enough (Feat. Sanchez of Phantom)’ MV Revealed

With the announcement of his upcoming full album titled [10 Years of Misinterpretation], artist Verbal Jint revealed the MV for his track titled ‘Pretty Enough (feat. Sanchez of Phantom). Continue reading

[VIDEO] O.T (Juvie Train + Double K + DJR2) – ‘Monster (Feat. No Brain)’

A new collaboration and project team called O.T (Original Taste), comprising of Double K, Juvie Train (Buga Kingz), and DJ R2, recently released the MV for their first single ‘Monster (Feat. No Brain)‘. Continue reading

[VIDEO] Hwaji, EP Title Track ‘Heaven’ MV Revealed

On June 15th, Inplanet‘s Hwaji revealed the MV for his upcoming title track ‘Heaven‘ from his first EP [Hwaji].

Check out the MV below:

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[NEWS] Beenzino, First Solo Album [2 4 : 4 6] Tracklist and Album Cover Revealed

On January 22, 2012, ILLIONAIRE RECORDS’ Beenzino revealed the album cover and tracklist for his upcoming solo album titled [2 4 : 4 6].

Continue reading